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Our Mission Statement

The premier full-service Sugaring Brazilian Wax spa offers first-class services, top-quality products, and excellent customer care. To provide the most comfortable and the most effective natural sugar waxing services to all our clients.

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About Us

About Sugaring Brazilian Wax

If having smooth, soft, and healthy skin in an inexpensive way has been what you’re looking for, look no further.

Tired of stubble and razor bumps? You have come to the perfect place.

What’s the difference between sugaring and waxing?
Sugaring is an all-natural, ancient technique for removing unwanted body hair. It was first developed in Egypt and has been used in various forms throughout the world for centuries.

Sugar paste is made from a mixture of lemon juice, water, and sugar, which is boiled at high temperatures to create a thick but pliable substance. This paste is then applied in the opposite direction of hair growth, then quickly removed in the direction of hair growth. The result? A smoother, more gentle waxing experience that leaves skin soft and moisturized.

Why choose sugaring over traditional waxing?
While both are effective methods of hair removal, sugar paste is gentler on the skin than traditional hard and soft waxes because it doesn’t adhere to live skin cells like traditional wax. It only sticks to dead skin cells and unwanted hair, resulting in less discomfort during removal. Plus, since there are no resins or chemicals added to sugar paste, it’s all-natural and more sanitary than other waxes.

Benefits of sugaring versus traditional waxing
Sugaring is a natural hair removal treatment that has been around for centuries. It is a mixture of lemon, water, and sugar heated to the perfect temperature, applied to the skin, and removed in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Waxing uses harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. Sugaring is all-natural and improves the quality of the skin over time. The sugaring paste used with this method only sticks to the hair and dead skin cells, not live skin cells. Therefore it only removes unwanted hair, not healthy skin. Sugaring is much more gentle on the skin. Waxing can tear at the hair follicle when removing hair causing breakage mid-shaft and ingrown hairs to form underneath your skin.


Services We Provide

Our services are the most complete in the market! What would you like to get today? Just a hydrojelly mask and underarm wax? A full body wax? Just think about it, we got you! We offer sugaring wax and hard wax as options for each service.




High frequency




Cocoa Wax


Hydrojelly Mask


Ear Waxing


Full Legs Wax


Chest Waxing


What Our Clients Are Saying

Bruna gave me my first sugaring in Brazil and I haven’t left since! Aside from being very easy to talk to, she is a very respectable individual. During each visit, you can see that her care for her clients and her quality of work shine through. I would like to thank you for a wonderful sugaring experience!

Tianna M.

St. Petersburg, FL

My first experience with sugaring hair removal was very good as Bruna made me feel very comfortable throughout the experience. Sugaring is better than waxing because the hair regrowth is softer and sparser. After trying sugaring for the first time, I am definitely a fan now.

Kayla B.

St. Petersburg, FL

When I went in for the first time, I was very nervous. My anxiety was eased right away by Bruna, who was very professional. As a professional, she is very thorough and knowledgeable in her field.
As soon as she started the procedure, she explained what was going to happen. Then, she explained how to deal with ingrown hairs after the treatment so that I would avoid them in the future. I have been extremely happy with the results and I will be a loyal customer in the future.

Breanna H.

St. Petersburg, FL

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